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Tax Preparation Overview

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The 2023 tax filing season (for 2022 returns) begins in late January.  If you get your tax information sooner you can have us prepare it and we will file the returns as soon as the IRS is ready.
Upload your tax documents:
We can complete your tax return completely remotely.
Existing Clients who are looking for online access, please reach out to us and we will enable your account. 
Drop-Off Clients:
We encourage you to place your returns in our secure dropbox this year rather than schedule an appointment. Our dropbox is located to the left of our front door.
However, we will still take appointments (link provided below) if you prefer that method.
We can also meet via Zoom -  Schedule your appointment, drop your materials off and we will prepare it during the Zoom appointment.  This will allow you to ask questions during the appointment.
Under "1040 Forms" - you will find a checklist of commonly needed items and a few new tax law changes that may apply to you.  You will also find a "Drop Off" form we would like you to complete prior to dropping off your tax information.
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